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Finding Dory now playing on DIRECTV CINEMA®

Does DIRECTV Have On Demand?

Yes. DIRECTV On Demand is included with each DIRECTV package, as long as customers opt in to an HD DVR. DIRECTV On Demand lets you choose from thousands of movies and shows whenever you want to watch them.1 Call today to order your package to get DIRECTV On Demand!

DIRECTV On Demand:

Movies and Shows When You Want

Forget waiting. Forget flipping through channels. Watch what you want to watch anytime with DIRECTV! With DIRECTV, you get more power over what you watch. Just browse the DIRECTV On Demand listings, select, and enjoy!

Ready to watch more movies and shows on your own time? Learn all about the convenience of DIRECTV On Demand and about the great entertainment choices you’ll be able to access once you order a package with an HD DVR.

What Can You Watch With DIRECTV On Demand?

DIRECTV On Demand is a collection of thousands of titles available for you to watch any time.1 The library is easy to browse and the system is easy to use. In no time, you’ll be watching your choice of great shows and movies!

What will you watch first with DIRECTV On Demand?

DIRECTV Movies On Demand

See some of the biggest hit movies, as well as old favorites and movies you’ve always wanted to watch. You’ll have a huge library of movies encompassing all your favorite entertainment genres. Watch comedies, dramas, action, sports, animated films and so much more. Find whatever you’re in the mood for with DIRECTV movies On Demand!

DIRECTV Shows On Demand

Want to catch up on a whole series you missed when it was on TV? With DIRECTV On Demand, you can find full seasons of shows. It’s all just the press of a button away!

Watch Brand New Movies on DIRECTV CINEMA

If you want to watch the latest releases and new movies be sure to check out DIRECTV CINEMA. DIRECTV CINEMA includes a lineup of hundreds of the newest movies, and they’re updated so often that there’s always something fresh to watch. Simply order a new release using your remote, calling or texting, or ordering online. The movie will download for you to watch when you’re ready!

How Does DIRECTV On Demand Work?

DIRECTV On Demand is simple to use. Access to On Demand titles is included with each DIRECTV package that has an HD DVR, and movies available to watch at no extra charge! Here’s what you’ll need to watch On Demand content.

What do you need?

  • Equipment: An HD DVR is required to watch On Demand content. Choose DIRECTV’s super advanced Genie HD DVR receiver, and you’ll be all set!
  • Package: Pick out your package and see how big your On Demand collection is. The number of On Demand titles available varies by package. Choose a larger DIRECTV package and get more On Demand movies and shows!
  • Internet: Your HD DVR needs to be connected to your home Internet network so you can access the On Demand library. Need home Internet service? Want to save money? See if bundling DIRECTV and Internet service is available where you live! Get both services with special savings when you choose a DIRECTV bundle!

Get started with DIRECTV today, and enjoy your amazing collection of On Demand titles!

Order Today and Get Access to DIRECTV On Demand!

Call today to order your package and a wide world of DIRECTV movies On Demand awaits! It’s simple to order and simple to start watching On Demand shows and movies.

With DIRECTV at home, you can tune in to your favorite channels, cheer on your sports teams, watch shows and movies on your schedule and so much more. DIRECTV takes your home entertainment to the next level, and you don’t want to miss out.



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