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Finding Dory now playing on DIRECTV CINEMA®

DIRECTV HD: Improve Your HD TV Experience

There’s something extra special about seeing your favorite action movies and sporting events in stunning high-definition. You could watch TV in standard-definition, or you could make it even better when you watch in HD. See entertainment in an all-new way when you watch high-definition programming on your HD TV.

Best of all, when you choose DIRECTV, you’ll have an unbeatable HD programming collection. It just doesn’t get any better than DIRECTV HD.

See more shows in crisp HD, thanks to DIRECTV’s impressive HD channel collection. Boasting more than 200+ full-time HD channels, DIRECTV offers more around-the-clock HD programming than any other cable or satellite television provider.1 Need more info? Get all the details about DIRECTV HD channels and bring crystal-clear programming to your home today!

What Do You Need to Enjoy DIRECTV HD Channels?

Watching DIRECTV in high-definition is simple. Just make sure you have everything necessary to enjoy DIRECTV’s impressive collection of HD channels. Once you watch TV in HD, watching in standard-definition just doesn’t cut it.

Get these three things and start enjoying DIRECTV HD at your home:


To enjoy HD programming, you need the right equipment. Start with an HD television. With a high-quality HD TV, all your favorite shows and movies will look better than ever.


2.HD Service

Without HD service, you won’t be able to tune in to programming in HD, even if you have the best HD TV out on the market. HD channels are available with each DIRECTV package, with varying HD channel counts in each. Make sure to add HD service to your package to gain access to your favorite channels in HD.


3.HD receiver

Most importantly, be sure to order an HD receiver from DIRECTV. The HD receiver makes watching hi-def possible, as it delivers your HD programming to your HD TV. Choose a regular HD receiver or get an HD DVR receiver to also record programming in SD and HD. Check out DIRECTV’s super advanced HD DVR receivers to make the most of your television experience.


With an HD TV, HD service and an HD receiver, you can access to DIRECTV’s impressive HD lineup. Get the right HD blend and start watching crystal-clear TV from DIRECTV. Order an entertainment-filled package and you could get as many as 195+ full-time HD channels to enjoy any time you want.

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DIRECTV HD Channels: When HD Really Matters

Some channels just don’t cut it in standard-definition. When you’re watching the big sports game or a brand new action thriller, you want to see every single detail. With HD TV channels from DIRECTV, you’ll see it all!

Which channels will you be able to check out in stunning HD? These channels and many more are available in full-time high-definition from DIRECTV.

  • Sports: ESPN, ESPN2, NBC Sports Network, CBS Sports Network, NBA TV
  • Movies: Cinemax®, HBO®, SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, The Movie Channel XTRA
  • Popular Networks: AMC, USA Network, FX, National Geographic Channel

Plus, many other channels are offered in HD. See all the details, no matter what you’re watching with DIRECTV!

Get DIRECTV HD programming at your home today

Don’t just watch TV – experience DIRECTV HD TV. See more detail than ever before when you tune in to DIRECTV’s collection of HD channels. Order a DIRECTV package today!


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