Finding Dory now playing on DIRECTV CINEMA®
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Finding Dory now playing on DIRECTV CINEMA®

Get advanced TV technology with DIRECTV

The way you watch TV has changed, and DIRECTV has been a part of that change every step of the way. From recording shows and watching them in another room to streaming live TV on your favorite mobile devices, DIRECTV technology empowers you to watch TV your way.

Order your DIRECTV package today and enjoy the convenience and reliability that comes with DIRECTV technology. Call now to get started!

Strong, reliable satellite connection

DIRECTV’s advanced satellite technology delivers a connection you can count on. In fact, DIRECTV has a 99% signal reliability. Plus, satellite technology makes DIRECTV available throughout all 50 states, so you can rely on DIRECTV no matter where you are.


Take control of your TV time with Genie®

Genie is DIRECTV’s most advanced HD DVR ever. One main device plus a small, sleek Genie Mini for each additional TV is all you need to connect your whole home with the power of Genie.1 Best of all, Genie is powerful and energy efficient. Genie and Genie Mini units are Energy Star certified.

Order today and enjoy all that Genie can do, such as:

Record up to 5 shows at once
No more recording conflicts. Record up to 5 shows at once with Genie.2
Restart shows up to 72 hours later
Forgot to record? Turn back time and watch a show up to 72 hours after it aired.4

Find shows up to 2 weeks in advance
The channel guide displays upcoming titles up to 2 weeks in advance, and the Smart Search feature makes finding shows and movies easy.
Store more of your recordings
Genie offers a terabyte of storage space. That’s enough space for 200 hours of HD shows.3
Wirelessly connect up to 8 TVs
Cut the clutter with wireless Genies, capable of connecting 8 TVs anywhere in your home.5

Customize your recording schedule
Set your DVR to record single airings, only new episodes, or the entire series of your favorite shows!

DIRECTV technology gives you more ways to watch

Enjoy TV freedom with DIRECTV


Download the DIRECTV App to watch live and recorded TV on your favorite mobile devices.6 Take entertainment beyond the TV and never miss your favorite shows again.

On Demand programming

Connect your HD DVR to the Internet for access to thousands of DIRECTV On Demand titles.7 With DIRECTV On Demand, you decide what’s on.

Last Updated: 4/10/2018

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