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How Smart Is Your Favorite TV Show Character?

Smartest Characters Header

About this showcase of smarts…


We went through 250 lines of dialogue for each of these characters and ranked them based on their dialogue complexity and the Flesch-Kincaid system. Obviously there are lots of different measures of intelligence and that’s why Daryl and many others ranked so surprisingly low.

Daryl didn’t make the grade when it came to the measure we use. Part of this is because he’s a man of few words, choosing to let his crossbow do most of the talking. Any time he does speak, he is simple and direct. Frasier Crane, he is not.

However, his rank on this particular list does not mean that he is not smart in other ways. If this were a measure of street smarts, Daryl would likely be at the top of the list.

Of course, street smarts and book smarts don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Look at Daryl, once again, and see how he stacks up to Jack Bauer.




These two are some of the baddest of the badasses and there’s no doubt that they have what it takes to survive. But which one do you want defusing a bomb? Probably not the redneck with the crossbow…

So who was the smartest character based on their dialogue?


It’s no wonder a member of an advanced alien race made the top of the list. What do you think?

Do you think Daryl Dixon should have rated a little higher? Should we have disqualified any space-faring, advanced races?

See how smart your favorite characters are and how they compare to others like Homer Simpson, Sherlock Holmes, etc. It’s a great way to start conversations (or arguments) with your friends.


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How to Connect Your TV to the Internet

Do you currently have your home television linked up to the Internet? If not, you’re missing out! Check out some of the awesome benefits:

  • Tons of On Demand – Get instant access to thousands of On Demand movies and shows at no extra charge! You can watch the latest Hollywood blockbusters or some of your old favorite movies. Some films hit DIRECTV CINEMA almost a full month before Netflix. Plus, catch past and current episodes of some of the hottest TV shows, including entire seasons! You can watch hit premium networks series like those from HBO®, STARZ®, and SHOWTIME®.
  • Watch TV on Any Screen – Turn your tablet, phone, or computer into an instant TV with live streaming. Your Internet-connected DVR brings both live TV and your recorded shows on all of your devices. You can also keep watching TV on your big screen and then use your tablet or phone as a remote control.
  • Enjoy Pandora Music – With an Internet connected DIRECTV receiver, you can listen to Pandora music using your TV! Enjoy and control Pandora radio stations directly from your television, and turn your living room into a dance floor.
  • Get App Happy – Connecting your television receiver to the Internet gives you access to awesome DIRECTV TV apps that will take your entertainment experience to the next level. Get in the game with sports apps or stay social with Facebook and Twitter.

Clearly, you have tons of opportunities for extra entertainment when you connect your DIRECTV receiver to the Internet. Read on to learn how.


Connecting Your Genie HD DVR to the Internet

  1. Make sure you have a wireless router connected to your home Internet service. (If you do not have this equipment, you will need to call 1-800-531-5000 for a professional installation.)
  2. Turn on your Genie-connected TV. Then, use the MENU button on your remote to go to Settings.
  3. Select Network Setup on the left side of your screen and choose Connect Now. Once your TV screen shows that Genie has made the connection, select Continue.
  4. Select Manual Setup, and, once prompted, select Continue again.
  5. Use your remote keypad to enter your home Internet wireless network password, and then select Continue one final time.

You’re connected! Enjoy thousands of On Demand movies, awesome Pandora music, great DIRECTV apps and more.

Connecting to the Internet with Other Receivers

Depending on which DIRECTV receiver you are using for your home television, the process of connecting to the internet may be slightly different. For detailed directions on connecting to the Internet, go to the DIRECTV website and access the Help Center. There you will find step by step instructions as well as how-to videos that have all the information you need!

How to Clean Your HDTV


When it comes to cleaning your TV screen, the first thing to do is consult the owner’s manual. HDTVs come in a variety of makes and models, each with their own recommended cleaning regimens. The absolute last thing you should do is resort to Windex or any kind of strong cleanser “designed for TV screens.” The reason for this is because most modern HDTVs have special coating that a strong, household cleaner could ruin.

Windex is designed to cleanse smooth, glass surfaces and it could prove overwhelming for sensitive pieces of hardware like the screen of an HDTV. If the owner’s manual doesn’t shine some light on this, here are a few non-abrasive solutions:

Microfiber Cloth

If it’s a matter of dust, a microfiber cloth is all you need. These are the same cloths used for wiping eyeglasses, which make them ideal for HDTV screens.

  1. Make sure the TVs turned off so you don’t damage the screen while it is in use.
  2. Gently wipe the surface-level dirt and dust.
  3. Do not press down on the screen. If you find that the grime is not coming off, try a vinegar and water solution.

Vinegar and Water Solution

Never spray water of a heavy-duty cleaner on the surface of any electrical appliance, least of all the screen of an HDTV.

  1. Mix a small amount of vinegar and water together.
  2. Dip the microfiber cloth and be sure to wring any excess fluid. You do not want to drench the screen.
  3. Gently wipe the surface, starting on the spot that needs the extra cleaning.
  4. When you have removed the spot, use a second microfiber cloth to dry the surface. This method, unfortunately, will not work on scratches.

Dealing with Scratches

Scratches can happen either from rough handling or poor cleaning – using abrasive cleaning products like paper towels and window cleaners. Here are three possible solutions to deal with scratches on your TV screen.

  1. First, check your product warranty. Sometimes scratches are covered and all you need to do is exchange the HDTV for a new one.
  2. Scratch repair kits are on the market, but it’s wise to do your research on these in order to avoid worsening the problem.
  3. Use a bit of petroleum jelly on a cotton ball to help hide the scratches.

And Remember – Be Gentle

Ever notice how an HDTV screen will sometimes ripple when you touch it? You should never touch screen because of just how fragile it can be. Touching the screen with too much pressure or using an overly abrasive method of cleaning can leave marks, forever damaging your viewing experience. When cleaning your HDTV, be gentle both in terms of your method and the products you use.

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