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Part 1: Top 10 Grey’s Anatomy Episodes of All Time

As any longtime fan can tell you, Grey’s Anatomy has had more than its fair share of heart wrenching incidents. With so many makeups and breakups, tragedies and triumphs, it’s incredibly difficult to narrow down the top Grey’s moments. After all, there are over 200 episodes to choose from! But, after much deliberation, grab your tissue box and please read on for the first five of the top 10 Grey’s Anatomy episodes of all time.

Spoiler Warning

If you haven’t been keeping up with McDreamy, McSteamy, and the whole Seattle Grace/Mercy West/Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital gang, then beware – major spoilers lie ahead. Head over to Netflix to catch up on the last ten seasons of unforgettable drama. If you’re all caught up, then read on for a trip down this Seattle-based memory lane!


He’s Married?

Season 1 episode 9 – “Who’s Zoomin’ Who?”

This episode starts out with some very lighthearted fun; George has an unfortunate rash that, as it turns out, has spread throughout the entire hospital due to the frequent canoodling amongst Seattle Grace doctors. In a tender moment between Cristina and Burke, they tell each other that neither has “anything to worry about” re: the rash, finally affirming their exclusivity as a couple. Towards the end of the episode, the always-tumultuous Mer/Der relationship seems to have finally reached a high point when Meredith leans on Derek for emotional support regarding her mother’s advancing Alzheimers.

Alas, it was too good to last; the episode ends with our (and Meredith’s!) first glimpse of Addison Shepherd. She delivers this squirm-worthy final line to Mer: “And you must be the woman who’s been screwing my husband?”. Yikes.

An Explosive Event

Season 2 episodes 16 & 17 – “It’s the End of the World” and “As We Know It”

Grey’s Anatomy loves it’s two-part or even three-part story arcs, and these Season 2 eps were as thrilling as any. In “It’s the End of the World”, Dr. Bailey has just gone into labor when a patient arrives at Seattle Grace with unexploded ammunition lodged inside his chest, putting the entire hospital at danger. At the same time, Derek and Cristina are mid-operation on a very important patient – Dr. Bailey’s husband. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Grey’s episode without a little romance; in another part of the hospital, Izzie confesses her feelings of passion to Alex. At the end of the first episode of this two-parter, we’re left with major cliffhangers: Mr. Bailey is in cardiac arrest. A panicked Dr. Bailey is refusing to push, putting her unborn child’s life at risk. And Meredith ends up glued to the dangerous patient’s side – her hand placement inside his chest is the only thing stopping the bomb from exploding.

Thankfully, in part two, everything shockingly works out somewhat ok. George convinces Bailey to push, and she delivers a healthy baby. Derek and Cristina perform a successful surgery and save her husband. When Cristina rushes to help Burke and Meredith with the bomb situation, Burke shows how much he truly loves her by forcing her to leave, saying he can’t concentrate on his tricky work knowing she could be in danger. Ultimately, he, Meredith, and the hospital’s bomb squad successfully remove the explosive, saving the patient and the lives of many doctors. Sadly, the bomb later explodes, killing two bomb squad members. Towards the end of the episode, Cristina whispers, “I love you, too” to a sleeping Dr. Burke – their relationship is better than ever. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the Mer/Der relationship, which is at a low at this point in the series. When Derek visits a shaken Meredith at the very end of episode 17, he does show her he cares about her, but they make no move to reconcile.

A Devastating Death

Season 2 episode 27 – “Losing My Religion”

Though Denny and Izzie’s relationship on Grey’s was one of the shorter ones, it was incredibly beautiful, and his death at the end of this episode is shattering. In the previous episode, Izzie had cut heart-patient Denny’s LVAD wire so that his health would rapidly deteriorate, forcing him to the top of the transplant risk. Albeit very dangerous and completely illegal, this plan actually works, so episode 27 opens with Denny coming out of a successful transplant surgery. When Chief Webber finds out about the cut LVAD, none of the interns will admit to cutting the wire, so he punishes all of them equally by barring them from surgeries and forcing them to plan a prom dance for his niece instead. While Izzie is off getting all dolled up in a gorgeous pink prom dress, Denny’s new heart fails suddenly and he dies. No true Grey’s fan could ever forget the image of Izzie, still in her pink gown, sobbing over Denny’s lifeless body.

The Wedding That Never Was

Season 3 episode 25 – “Didn’t We Almost Have It All”

As always, leave it to Grey’s to bring us an astonishing Season finale. This episode brought Season 3 – and Cristina band Burke’s relationship – to its final close. After major marriage preparations, Burke leaves Cristina at the altar, devastating her as well as Cristina/Burke shippers all over America. But that’s not this episodes only major element. Chief Webber’s wife, Adele, has a miscarriage, and caring for her brings the couple back together. Additionally, George finds out he has failed an important medical exams, meaning he will have to stay an intern. As he dejectedly sits in the intern locker room, a new girl introduces herself, and we meet Lexie Grey, Meredith’s half-sister, for the first time. She announces she will be starting as an intern at Seattle Grace, thus ending Season 3 with the potential for lots of sister drama in the future!

Good News and Bad News

Season 5 episode 24 – “Now or Never”

Another Season finale, another best episode. Grey’s Seasons 4 and 5 were widely regarded as disappointing, and full of too many relationship twists and confusing storylines to recount. But with “Now or Never”, Grey’s got it’s groove back. Rounding out the first 5 of our top 10, this episode is full of highs and lows, and is memorable for being so incredibly bittersweet.

Izzie has just undergone brain surgery to remove her cancerous tumors, and her closest fellow doctors, including her new husband Alex, are all waiting for her to wake. Meanwhile, George leaves the hospital to take a day off. Nearby, Meredith and Cristina discuss Mer and Der’s plans to get married at the courthouse that day. Soon afterwards, Izzie wakes up her short-term memory is completely destroyed, devastating Alex.

Later, Meredith and Owen are tending to a trauma victim whose face has been so mangled he is unrecognizable; they call him John Doe. Meredith is so busy with John Doe throughout the day that she and Derek have no time for their marriage at City Hall. Instead, in a heartwarming scene, they write their own vows on the infamous post-it note and declare themselves married. At the same time, the combination of love and sadness she has witnessed that day through Mer, Der, Alex, and Izzie has inspired Cristina, who rushes to Owen and confesses her love for him. They kiss passionately.

Back in Izzie’s room, Alex yells at her harshly, getting out all of his frustrations about her memory loss; he figures no harm done, as she won’t remember anyway. Soon after, Cristina comes to Izzie’s room to check on her and she retells the story of her fight with Alex – demonstrating that her memory is returning! An elated Alex comes running in to embrace Izzie, and all seems well – but only for a moment. In a shocking turn of events, everything in the hospital seems to fall apart simultaneously. First, John Doe manages to communicate with Meredith – by tracing his nickname on her hand – that he is actually George. Mer and Der, now knowing they are working on their close friend, frantically operate on him. At the same time, back in her room, Izzie suddenly goes limp in Alex’s arms. She is coding, and Chief Webber and Bailey rush to try to save her. As the episode ends, it is unclear whether either of these much-loved patients will survive. (As those who have seen Season 6 will know, Izzie makes it out alive but sadly George does not.)

Check Out Part 2!

There you have it, the first five of the top 10 Grey’s episodes ever. For the final five best Grey’s moments, all from Seasons 6 through 10, you’ll have to check out Part 2!

Part 2: Top 10 Grey’s Anatomy Episodes of All Time


Don’t miss out on Part 1 of this Top 10 list! Start by reading Part 1 of the top 10 Grey’s moments, featuring episodes from Seasons 1 through 5 of Grey’s Anatomy. Once you’re ready, read on for the final five best Grey’s Anatomy episodes of all time. Don’t forget, be wary of major spoilers below!

The Shooter

Season 6 episodes 23 & 24 – “Sanctuary” and “Death and All His Friends”

This is another two-parter that was undeniably one of the most captivating yet terrifying Grey’s storylines of all time. Fans were on the edge of their seats for the entirety of both of these episodes, as the hospital goes into total lockdown when a shooter arrives at Seattle Grace/Mercy West. He primarily seeks revenge on Shepherd, Chief Webber, and Lexie Grey – the three doctors who had worked on his deceased wife’s case – but is interested in taking down any surgeon. The gunman shoots and injures Alex badly, and Lexie and Mark perform emergency surgery to try to keep him alive, making the intensity of the trio’s love triangle more apparent than ever. Soon, Derek runs into Cristina and Meredith in a hallway and breaks the news of the shooter. As he tries to the girls to safety, the gunman finds them, and Part 1 ends moments after Derek takes a bullet square to the chest as a horrified Mer watches.

As Part 2 (episode 24) begins, Cristina is trying to save Derek in one OR while Mark and Lexi continue to work on Alex in another, but neither surgery is going well. The shooter is still roaming the hospital trying to out Webber and Lexie. Chief Webber is actually outside the hospital this whole time, arguing with police to let him inside so he can help. Teddy and Owen are also outside, having just managed to exit the hospital. But Owen soon realizes Cristina is still inside, and thus in danger. He leaves Teddy’s side and rushes in to find Cristina, choosing Cristina over Teddy.

Owen finds Cristina in the middle of a failing surgery for Derek – but with the shooter holding his gun to her head, threatening to kill her if she doesn’t stop surgery immediately so Der will die. As Mer begs the gunman to kill her instead of Cristina or Derek, Owen lunges for the shooter and gets shot in the process. Amidst the commotion, Derek flatlines. The shooter and Meredith both think he is dead, so the shooter leaves the OR and Meredith collapses in agony. But with the shooter out of the room, Cristina quickly gets back to work on Derek’s surgery and we realize the flatline was just a fake-out. Meredith gets to work tending to Owen’s gunshot wound with April’s help. Elsewhere, Webber has just managed to sneak past the police into the hospital when he comes face to face with the shooter. Webber speaks calmly to the gunman and he does not get shot. Soon, the SWAT team converges and the shooter takes his own life, thus ending this gripping, roller-coaster-ride of a storyline. Owen, Alex, and Derek all survive their surgeries.

Decisions and Consequences

Season 7 episode 22 – “Unaccompanied Minor”

With emotional episodes like “Unaccompanied Minor”, the Grey’s writers show viewers they don’t need major bells and whistles to make a big impact. This episode was memorable for the long-lasting impact of major characters’ decisions. Mark tells Lexie they shouldn’t be together once and for all. After many months of trying, Meredith and Derek are elated when they are finally given permanent custody of their adopted baby Zola. But their celebration is cut short when Alex spreads the news that he caught Meredith tampering with Derek’s important medical trial. Derek is horrified that his wife and the mother of his child has turned out to be a liar, and he leaves Mer and Zola. Cristina discovers she is pregnant and breaks the news to Owen. He is thrilled and wants to start a family; she decides not to keep the baby against his will. This disagreement between them is the foundation for major problems in the future.

Aftermath of The Big Crash

Season 9 episode 2 – “Remember the Time”

Some Grey’s fans may majorly protest that the Season 8 finale, “Flight” didn’t make this list. However, though “Flight” features an actual plane crash involving major Grey’s characters, it is only in “Remember the Time” that we learn in great detail the tragic events that occurred in the hours, days, and weeks following the accident. Through a series of flashbacks, this episode depicts these events:

  • Lexie dies immediately following the crash, and her final goodbye to Mark.
  • Mark’s intense heart injury in the crash, but then his amazing recovery once returning to Seattle. This quickly turns into a rapid decline and he dies, just after admitting Lexie was his true love.
  • Arizona’s legs are badly crushed in the crash, and back in Seattle become infected. Eventually the only way to save her life is a double amputation.
  • One of Derek’s “million dollar hands” is badly injured in the accident. Callie must perform a very complex operation to try and save his nerve function.
  • After the crash, Cristina is the only one of the doctors who stays conscious the entire time they are lost in the woods. She hears Lexie’s dying, Arizona’s screams of pain, and more. After they are rescued, she suffers a mental break and then goes catatonic for weeks. When she finally regains composure, she decides to leave Seattle for good and moves to Minnesota.

A Storm of Emotions

Season 9 episode 24 – “Perfect Storm”

In the Season 9 finale, after spending the previous 24 episodes dealing with the aftermath of the plane crash, Grey’s presented us with a whole new set of problems. There is a major electrical storm going on in Seattle, sending lots of traumas to the hospital for our surgeons to deal with. Two hands not deck – Meredith, who is in labor, and husband Derek by her side. Mer needs an emergency C-section, but the hospital’s power goes out. Though the baby is delivered successfully, Meredith begins bleeding internally. Interns are the only ones in her OR and must perform surgery on her alone, and with no electricity. In pediatrics, Callie and Arizona are working together when Callie notices her wife is wearing the wrong scrub top. This reveals Arizona has been having an affair. Outside the hospital, a huge bus crashes and many doctors rush out to help. It first appears Jackson was trapped in the bus’ fiery explosion, though he turns out to be alright. April, newly engaged to another man, collapses when she thinks Jackson has died, showing she still loves him. Finally, Chief Webber goes to the basement to try and fix the electricity. He is electrocuted, and we see his motionless body on the ground as the episode ends.

Speak Now

Season 10 episode 12 – “Get Up, Stand Up”

Jackson and April’s relationship has been a major part of Seasons 8, 9, and 10, and in “Get Up, Stand Up” it reaches a pivotal moment. It is the day of April’s wedding to Matthew, and most of the hospital is in attendance. As preparations for the day go on throughout the episode, other characters distracted from April’s big day by their own drama. Bridesmaids Meredith and Cristina are having the worst fight of their friendship. Back in the hospital, Shane has a mental breakdown in the middle of operating on Alex’s estranged Dad. But the biggest moment comes during April’s wedding ceremony, when Jackson stands up and interrupts just before the “I do’s”. He declares his love for her, and the episode closes with her gasp of surprise at the altar.

More Unforgettable Moments To Come

With almost ten seasons under its belt and no signs of slowing down, Grey’s Anatomy is sure to provide us with many more amazing episodes in the future. Sadly, it has been confirmed that Cristina Yang (played by Sandra Oh) will no longer be part of the Grey’s cast after the end of the current season. While Grey’s will never be the same without Yang, storylines like April and Jackson’s and Cristina and Owen’s are still keeping every Thursday night very interesting!

Top 5 Episodes of Modern Family


Modern Family is a mockumentary style sitcom that premiered back in 2009. In its 5 seasons, this show has brought tons of laugh-out-loud moments with its stories of a truly modern American family. They fight, they fall, and they get into the craziest shenanigans, but most of all, they really love each other. Though it was hard to narrow it down, here are our Top 5 Episodes of Modern Family, in chronological order. Read on to relive the hilarity!

Season 1, Episode 4 – “The Incident”

Claire and Mitchell’s mother and Jay’s ex-wife, DeDe, shows up for a surprise visit. This is the first time the family has seen DeDe since she drunkenly made a scene and Jay and Gloria’s wedding. Meanwhile, Haley is trying to convince her parents that she should be allowed to attend a concert with her older boyfriend, Dylan.

As the whole clan gathers for dinner at Claire and Phil’s house, DeDe’s interactions with her ex-husband, her kids, and Gloria cause awkwardness for everyone. Dylan lightens the mood by singing a love song to prove to the family that he is good enough for Haley. It seems to be going well until the song takes a turn for the majorly tasteless. Though Haley is forbidden to go to the concert, it is clear the song made an impression on the whole family – hilariously enough, they all continue humming it to themselves for days to come, inappropriate lyrics and all!

Season 2, Episode 4 – “Strangers On A Treadmill”

When Claire and Mitchell are embarrassed about their spouse’s behaviors, they enlist each other’s help. Claire is tasked with getting Cameron to stop wearing tight, bright blue bicycle shorts. Mitchell is supposed to stop Phil from telling bad jokes. Mitchell can’t face disappointing Phil, so he tells him the jokes are hilarious. But Claire holds up her end of the bargain, and tells Cameron the shorts aren’t flattering. Cam is deeply offended and starts crying. Later, Claire confronts Mitchell about not stopping Phil’s jokes. Mitchell apologizes but thanks her for telling Cam about the shorts. Cam overhears this, and is upset to learn it was Mitchell who hated the shorts all along.

Meanwhile, Alex has recently befriended a popular girl at school named McKenzie. Haley overhears the girls talking, and tells Alex she is being too clingy and will soon lose the McKenzie’s friendship if she doesn’t become “cool”. With Haley’s tutoring, Alex adopts a cooler attitude and even blows off McKenzie’s later phone calls. However, when Alex gets overconfident she accidentally tells McKenzie she’s having fun doing homework – reinforcing her previous “nerd” status for good.

Season 2, Episode 6 – “Halloween”

Since Halloween is Claire’s favorite holiday, she is determined to make their home into a very spooky haunted house. But Phil has just heard that a neighbor is getting a divorce, and develops irrational fears about his own marriage. Rather than helping Claire with the house, he follows her around trying to be romantic, and ends up just annoying her. Meanwhile, Mitchell goes to work as Spider Man, but quickly puts a business suit on over his costume when no one in the office is dressed up. He spends the whole day with Spider Man’s fake muscles under his suit, prompting hysterical comments from unknowing coworkers.

Over at Jay and Gloria’s, he and Manny have spent the day criticizing her for her strong accent. They bring up a hilarious example – the time she tried to order a box of miniature cheeses (“baby cheeses”) and ends up with a box of tiny Jesus figurines (“baby Jesus”). When she arrives at Claire’s to play her role in the haunted house production, Gloria puts on an over-the-top American accent which doesn’t sound spooky at all. At first Claire is disappointed, but in the end, the family works together to make the Halloween night a great one.

Season 3, Episode 22 – “Disneyland”

The entire family heads to Disneyland for the day, and hilarity ensues. Before they leave, Phil brags about his strong stomach and ability to ride roller coasters with son Luke all day. Gloria insists she can walk around the park all day in her high heels. As the day goes on, they are both wrong – Phil is queasy after just one ride, and Gloria’s feet are killing her! Additionally, Mitchell and Cam struggle to keep toddler Lily from running away. They feel forced to put her on a child leash, much to the disapproval of the other adults.

Claire spends the day trying to set up Haley with a smart young man named Ethan, to a jealous Alex’s chagrin. This plan backfires when the family runs into Haley’s ex, Dylan, who is now working as a character at Disneyland. Ethan and Dylan get into a fistfight, which is made hilarious by the fact that Dylan is dressed in a giant Little John costume. In the end, Claire is left groaning as Haley chooses Dylan.

Season 4, Episode 7 – “Arrested”

After just short time as a college freshman, Haley is already in major trouble; Phil and Claire are awoken in the middle of the night to a call from police saying she has been arrested for underage drinking. They, along with lawyer Mitchell, drive up to her school to bail her out of jail and deal with the consequences from her college. During her disciplinary hearing with the school, Haley decides that “honesty is the best policy” and blurts out every single thing she has done wrong since arriving at campus – a long list. She is expelled.

Back at home, Cameron is supposed to be taking care of Alex, Luke and Lily, but is not doing a great job. He unknowingly serves Luke soy products and has to rush him to the hospital since Luke is deathly allergic. While there, Alex gets queasy at the sight of another patient’s blood and faints, hitting her head badly. In a series of funny phone calls to Phil and Claire, a panicked Cam tries to insist that he has everything under control.

Even More Modern Family Merriment

With Season 5 well underway and a renewal for a sixth season likely in the works, we won’t have to say goodbye to the Dunphy/Pritchett clan anytime soon. And thank goodness for that! Thanks to all of their side-splitting shenanigans, this Modern Family makes weekday nights much more fun.

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