Star Trey Beyond now playing on DIRECTV CINEMA®
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Star Trek Beyond now playing on DIRECTV CINEMA®

Looking for the South Asian Package on DIRECTV?

Go around the world without leaving your couch

DIRECTV no longer offers the South Asian Package. However, we do offer a wide variety of international TV packages to take your entertainment around the globe—no passport required.

WorldDirect® international packages are great add-ons to any DIRECTV plan. Choose from Brazilian, Chinese, Filipino, Korean, Russian Spanish and Vietnamese programming.

Pick your international package


Get dramas, comedies, mysteries and more from Estrelas, news from Jornal Nacional, and sports from Campeonato Brasileiro.

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All the Cantonese and Mandarin-language you love, for programming from Jiangsu TV, 88TV and more.

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Miss all the dramas, variety shows, news and sports from the Philippines? Get caught up with DIRECTV’s Filipino package.

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With 14 Korean channels and three Korean packages to choose from, you won’t ever run out of programs to watch.

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Choose from three packages to get tons of Russian shows, movies and sports straight to your stateside TV.

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Get TV, news and sports from countries including Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and more areas in Latin America with DIRECTV EN ESPAÑOL™.

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Get 10 Vietnamese channels on your TV with the VIETDIRECT™ PLUS package, or choose just to get access to SBTN for 24-hour programming.

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Looking for traditional DIRECTV Packages?

Sign up for DIRECTV and get hundreds of channels, with thousands of shows and movies. Plus, get On Demand programming and a Genie® HD DVR upgrade at no extra cost . Add any of our international packages to your DIRECTV package for even more entertainment.


Last Updated: 11/29/2017

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