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Enjoy Korean TV from a World Away with DIRECTV

Missing Korea? Wish you could watch your favorite Korean shows on TV? With DIRECTV, you can. Just order a Korean entertainment package from DIRECTV and you can check out some of the most popular Korean channels at your home!

DIRECTV offers two Korean programming choices — choose one and see news, popular TV series, kid shows, sports and more from Korea.

Choose any DIRECTV package or a specially designed international base package then add your choice of Korean entertainment packages. Enjoy outstanding international programming with DIRECTV. Packages from Russia, China, Brazil, The Philippines, Vietnam and South Asia are also available.

Which Korean programming choice is right for you? Get the details about your choices and call today to order!

KoreanDirect™: A wide variety of Korean programming

With KoreanDirect™, you’ll get some of Korea’s biggest channels. See some of the most beloved Korean shows, newscasts and more.

  • SBS is one of Korea’s biggest television networks, and it comes complete with a full selection of shows. See Korean dramas, news, documentaries, sports and other great entertainment.
  • SBS Plus takes SBS up a notch. Get sports coverage of bowling and billiard tournaments and even golf lessons!
  • Tune in to MBC at any hour to see documentaries, shows for your kids to watch, live news from Korea, drama series, Korean variety shows and more.
  • MBC Every1 includes programming about fashion and beauty — perfect for trendsetters who love Korean variety programming.
  • YTN delivers 24/7 Korean news updates covering both national and international happenings.
  • EBS is filled with programming your kids will love. It includes cartoons, talk shows, quiz shows, documentaries and other educational and fun Korean shows for your children to watch and learn.
  • NGK is the Korean-subtitled version of National Geographic Channel. Check out around-the-clock programming about history, science, technology and more, all with Korean subtitles for your convenience.
  • CTS fills your home with sermons, praise, worship and more Christian TV programming from Korea.
  • Radio Korea bridges the cultural gap for Koreans living in America. It’s the #1 Korean station in the United States, offering political, economic and social commentary.
  • TAN TV is a variety-filled channel with music, documentaries, news and more.
  • MBN Plus offers a complete look at Korean shows, including cartoons, news broadcasts, documentaries and more entertainment.

Choose KoreanDirect™ to bring the best programming from Korea to your living room. Don’t do without the shows you love because you live halfway across the world from Korea. Get DIRECTV and enjoy Korean programming any time you want!

KoreanDirect™ Golf: Your favorite Korean shows plus golf coverage

Don’t miss out on Korea’s favorite sport: Golf. Choose KoreanDirect™ Golf to get a collection of the best Korean channels plus The Golf Channel. You’ll get every channel from the original Korean entertainment package, with The Golf Channel added in. See all the golf coverage you want for just a few extra dollars each month.

The Golf Channel includes golf matches from all over the world, including The Champions Tour, Sunshine Tour of Southern Africa, PGA Tour of Australia, PGA of America and more! See the world’s best golfers compete, hear golf news and see specials relating to your favorite sport.

customer service agentDIRECTV brings Korean entertainment to your home with KoreanDirect™

Order KoreanDirect™ today, tune in to your favorite Korean channel and take a quick trip across the globe to Korea any time you want. Pick out your base DIRECTV package and add KoreanDirect™ (with or without The Golf Channel) and enjoy! Call today to get your Korean programming package from DIRECTV!

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