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DIRECTV Offers Heist Comedy “The Trust” Before It Hits Theaters

“Bad cops make the best criminals.” At least, that’s according to the poster for the new crime comedy “The Trust,” directed by Alex and Benjamin Brewer. While the film initially premiered at the 2016 SXSW Festival, DIRECTV customers can see it before it hits the big screen.

Starring Academy Award winner Nicholas Cage and Emmy Award Winner Elijah Wood, “The Trust” follows two low-level administrative cops bored with their lives and meager wages. Initially, they make a little extra on the side selling stolen Civil Service Exams to other officers. When Stone (Cage) hears about a heroin dealer who managed to quickly make an exorbitantly high bail, he convinces Waters (Wood) that this is their big chance. The pair pick up a trail that leads them to a mysterious vault hidden in the back of a grocery store which they believe holds their payday. They soon find out, however, that getting out may be harder than getting in.

This dark comedy premieres in theaters on May 13th. DIRECTV customers can see it before then with exclusive access through DIRECTV CINEMA. The film is available for 72-hour rental in either 1080p HD or standard-definition (SD).1 With DIRECTV CINEMA viewers can access tons of new releases as well as thousands of other titles through DIRECTV On Demand.2 Skip the lines at the theater and see “The Trust” first with DIRECTV CINEMA.



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