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How to Record Shows While Away from Home


In the past, if your VCR (that’s videocassette recorder) was advanced enough, you really just had to pop in a VHS (Video Home System) cassette, set the channel, set the timer and walk away. The VCR would record your show whether you were stepping out to run some errands or taking a vacation. Nowadays, the VHS has been all but completely removed from the equation.

DVRs (Digital video recorders) have replaced the VCR in this respect. These recorders are not only programmable, many are able to store hundreds if not thousands of hours of programming and movies in HD. Recordings that can be called up at the press of a button or queued up on mobile devices with the right the apps.

The DIRECTV Genie is one such HD DVR that makes television viewing much more convenient in this regard. Viewers no longer have to worry about being away from home and missing their shows. The DVR can be manually programmed to record via remote control, set via computer or even remotely with mobile devices.

Here are a couple ways you can use the Genie to record shows while away:

Using a Remote Control

If you know when the program or movie you want to watch will be airing, it’s a matter of navigating the guide with your remote and marking it for recording.

  1. You can call up the guide (press GUIDE) and scroll to your desired show with the ARROW KEYS.
  2. With the desired program highlighted, recordings can be scheduled by pressing the ORANGE R button. If you have done this right, you should see an orange circle with an R marking the show.
  3. Schedule recordings for an entire series by pressing the ORANGE R twice in quick succession. You’ll know if you have done this right when you see what appears to be a stack of orange circles with Rs on them.

Scheduling through the Computer

DVRs can also be set to record from computers. If your hotel or the place you are staying has an Internet connection, you can sign in to your DIRECTV account and access the guide.

  1. Go to Directv.com and sign in with your account.
  2. Click Watch DIRECTV which will let you click on the Guide option.
  3. Either search for the show or navigate the guide.
  4. Click on the programming you wish to record, then click record.

Recording Remotely Via App

Smartphones or tablets can also be used to schedule recordings through free apps.

  1. Visit your phone’s app store and search for DIRECTV.
  2. Using the free app, search for shows based on name, broadcast time, etc.
  3. Tap to record.

Fire and Forget

Thanks to the advent and further advances of DVR, viewers no longer have to be at home in order to catch their favorite movies or shows. DVRs offer many different ways for customers to record shows without ever having to actually be in front of the TV.

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