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How to Record in Multiple Rooms with DIRECTV

Genie Receiver Angled

DIRECTV offers a variety of digital video recorder (DVR) equipment. Some of their best DVR features are the ones that take the increasing mobility of the viewing experience into consideration. DVR service includes streaming recorded shows to mobile devices and, of course, the ability to record and view programs in multiple rooms.

Both the Genie and the standard HD DVR Receiver offer the ability to record hours of HD content from any room with just one HD DVR. However, the Genie offers more, including a whole-home experience that makes recording in multiple rooms a breeze.

There are a number of ways you can record your favorite shows on your DVR in multiple rooms.

Via remote control

If you’ve used a DIRECTV DVR receiver or seen the remote, you probably know that it’s really just about finding the show and pressing the orange R for record. If you know when and where the show will be playing, you can:

  1. Bring up the guide (press GUIDE) and navigate to the show (via ARROW KEYS).
  2. Once the show is highlighted, record it (press the orange R). Entire series can be recorded by pressing record twice.
  3. You will know if you have done this right when a single R appears next to the title indicating the recording of one episode. A stack of Rs means an entire series will be recorded.

If you don’t know when the show will be on, you can do a Smart Search.

  1. Bring up the menu (press MENU) and pick Smart Search which is located under Select & Browse.
  2. When a keypad of numbers and letters appear, type in the movie or show you wish. Do this using the ARROW KEYS and confirm your selection with SELECT.
  3. If available, the desired programming will appear in the results. You can highlight and select the airing you wish to record.
  4. Similar to the previous step, you can press R (for record) once for the episode or twice for the entire series.

Choose Which Room to Record Via Whole-Home DVR service

You can record programs from multiple TVs in other rooms than the one connected to the HD DVR.

  1. Pull up the guide or run a search until you find the desired programming. Highlight it and press the RECORD button (the orange R).
  2. This calls a prompt where you are asked to select the DVR you want to record from. Use ARROW KEYS and SELECT to choose.
  3. Once you have chosen which room and TV, press SELECT to confirm.


With a whole-home DVR setup, recording a program in one room gives you the freedom to experience another program in another room. It’s multitasking at its finest that helps keep you in the loop about your favorite shows and movies without having to sprout an extra head or be in two places at once.

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