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How to Record an Entire Season of a Show

Even if you’ve fallen into a comfortable routine of setting the DVR every week, all it takes is one ill-timed distraction to come between you and your favorite show. How to Record an Entire SeasonLuckily, your DIRECTV HD DVR offers protection against ringing phones, barking dogs and other wild cards that could divert your attention from hitting the all-important “record” command.

Why record one episode at a time when you can play it safe and record an entire season at a time?
Here’s how it works, in three easy steps:

  1. Find your show using the remote’s GUIDE or MENU buttons.
  2. Scroll to highlight the show.
  3. Press the orange R button twice. (Pressing it once will record only the next episode rather than the whole season).

After pressing R twice, you should see three orange R symbols stacked on top of one another next to the show title. This stack of Rs means that the DVR is set to record the entire season.

Ringing phones? No problem. Barking dogs? Down, boy! Setting your DVR to record a season’s worth of shows helps reduce your margin of error and maximize your enjoyment.

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