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How to Mount Your TV

Nothing cultivates that home theater atmosphere quite like a wall-mounted TV. Likewise, nothing satisfies a homeowner quite like completing a DIY project without a hitch.How to Mount Your TV

Not everyone has the tools or the skills to mount a TV, which is why you’ll find so many professional installation services in the phone book and on the Internet. However, if you feel up to the challenge, start with some basic tips and guidelines.

The hardware

  • Get a kit. Many home improvement stores and other retailers sell wall-mounting kits. If you want to not only mount the TV but also hide the wires and cords, you’ll need a cord cover kit. (Concealing the cords inside the wall with a power bridge kit is recommended for advanced-level DIY enthusiasts only.)
  • Gather your tools. The basic array will include a stud-finder, level, socket wrench, drill and screwdriver. You’ll also need to assemble all the cords and cables you’ll need, making certain each one has the adequate length. Last but not least, get out your owner’s manual and open it to the section on wall-mounting.
  • Find a helper. You’ll need some assistance lifting the TV into position, since it’s heavy yet filled with delicate components.

The positioning

  • Locate the studs. Those delicate components mentioned earlier aren’t built to survive hard falls, so you’ll need to mount the TV to the wall securely – on studs. (Some DIY experts prefer wooden studs to metal studs, although opinions vary.)
  • Get the height right. The TV should be positioned at a height where the center of the screen will be slightly below the viewer’s eye level when seated, and certainly no higher.
  • Adjust brightness. Choose a spot with minimal glare from indoor and natural light.
  • Make a power grab. Be sure the location you choose is within reach of a power outlet.

The process

  • As you run them through the cord cover, try to keep some distance between the power cord and the audio/video cords to avoid creating electronic interference. You can use one wide cover or two smaller, separate covers.
  • Your wall-mounting kit will come with two brackets – one for the back of the TV and one for the wall. Avoid laying the unit screen-down when you attach the TV bracket.
  • Drill the wall bracket’s mounting holes into the studs. Check the level before securing this bracket to the wall.
  • With your helper’s assistance, lift the TV and secure the TV bracket to the wall bracket.
  • Connect the power, video and audio cables to your TV.

Your owner’s manual may have more detailed instructions, so refer to it if you run into a roadblock. Barring complications, mounting your TV should take just a few hours.

So plan carefully, work diligently and enjoy luxuriously.

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