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How To Get Satellite TV for Your Car

Are you on the road often? Do you like to roadtrip with the family in your car or RV? With DIRECTV service, you can still watch the shows and movies you love, even when you’re on the road with plenty of options for travelers.

DIRECTV isn’t tied down like cable. It’s easy to keep up with your favorite shows and to keep the kids entertained on long drives. Wherever you go, DIRECTV can go too.

How do I get satellite TV for my car?

Need more than just a few hours’ worth of programming? You can get DIRECTV service specifically for your car. Wondering how to get permanent satellite TV in your car? It’s easy.

You just need a special receiver from KVH Industries and a subscription to the DIRECTV CHOICE MOBILE™ Package. With this package, you’ll get 185+ popular channels, as well as music channels and local channels where available.

Add the mobile DIRECTV package to your current subscription, or choose the mobile-only option. Then  you can enjoy live DIRECTV programming month after month, right from your car!

How do I get satellite TV for my RV?

Ready to roadtrip across the country this summer? All you need for additional entertainment is a special mobile receiver and the DIRECTV CHOICE MOBILE™ Package. Your RV will feel even more like home when you can check out your favorite shows and movies on the road.

Are there any other mobile TV options?

DIRECTV also provides special services for boats and planes. Whichever way you like to travel, you can still tune in to satellite TV programming. Learn more about DIRECTV’s traveler packages and enjoy America’s #1 satellite TV on the go!

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