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How to Find Music Channels

Quick tips to access your favorite tunes on your TV.

iStock_000009383851XSmall You can enjoy more than just great shows and movies on your television. With the right programming package you can also fill your home with your favorite music through your TV. Depending on which DIRECTV package you choose, you can enjoy up to 84 Music Choice music channels. These music channels offer a wide variety of artists, styles and sounds to fit whatever mood you’re in.

Follow these simple steps to enjoy everything from classic rock to classical with Music Choice music channels.

  1. Turn on your TV and DIRECTV receiver – Be sure to adjust the volume on your TV or stereo to an appropriate level before switching to a music channel.
  2. Press the GUIDE button on your remote – This will allow you to preview and quickly navigate to the music channel that you want.
  3. Browse the available Music Choice channels (800’s) – Choose from up to 84 different channels, including Bluegrass, Jazz, Reggae, Folk Rock and much more.
  4. Select the channel you want to hear – Simply enter the channel that you are looking for to start enjoying great music commercial free.

It’s that simple. With a couple clicks of the remote you can enjoy unlimited music from your favorite artists. Whether you want to start a party, set the mood or just relax, Music Choice channels are the best way to listen.

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