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Soul Sisters: The Very Best Episodes of Broad City’s First Season

Comedy Central’s latest hit offers a wickedly funny take on modern life.

N From its very first episode, Broad City stands out as something different. The show stars – and was created by – Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson as two broke friends attempting to make it through the absurdities of millennial life and New York City. Produced by Saturday Night Live veteran Amy Poehler, each episode of Broad City features loosely-structured but hilarious writing that leads to some outrageous situations.

Here are the five funniest episodes from the first season:

Episode 1

In an attempt to come up with enough cash for tickets to an underground Lil Wayne concert, Abbi and Ilana try just about everything. After selling office supplies stolen from Ilana’s job, they answer a strange online ad. The scene that follows, which features Fred Armisen in a diaper, will have you laughing until it hurts.

Episode 2

Realizing that they have not been behaving like adults, Abbi and Ilana decide to take charge of their lives. While Ilana attempts to file her taxes without help from her parents, Abbi vows to stop bumming off of her friend. This episode features some of the best moments with Ilana’s (sort of) boyfriend Lincoln (Hannibal Buress) and some of the show’s funniest physical comedy.

Episode 3

While Ilana takes a temp job (at a temp agency) to earn a little extra cash, Abbi promises her attractive neighbor that she can wait for a package for him. She misses the delivery and has to embark on an epic and surreal quest to retrieve it. After watching this episode you’ll never want to see someone eat yogurt again.

Episode 7

With a huge storm bearing down on the city, Abbi and Ilana are stuck in an apartment with several of their friends. Unfortunately, this group also includes Abbi’s cute neighbor Jeremy (Stephen Schneider) as well as the intolerable Bevers (Jon Gemberlin) and his sister (Shannon O’Neill). What follows is an uproariously disgusting case of “Who Done It?”

Episode 10

Guest starring Amy Poehler, the season’s final episode sees the girls at a super-fancy restaurant celebrating Abbi’s birthday dinner. The evening quickly goes awry after Abbi freaks out when she makes a horrifying discovery. Ilana tries to power through a multi-course seafood dinner in spite of her severe shellfish allergy.

These five episodes stand out as pure comedic gold but watch the entire season for a truly hilarious look into the lives and minds of these two slacker 20-somethings.

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