FAQs: DIRECTV Features and Technology

DIRECTV offers a variety of special features and technologies including DIRECTV On Demand, DIRECTV DVR and DIRECTV HD. To learn more about these features and more, browse our list of FAQs below.

What is DIRECTV On Demand?
What can I watch in 3D with DIRECTV?
What is the DIRECTV Cinema Connection Kit?
Are DIRECTV CINEMA movies available in HD?
What is DIRECTV’s HD and 3D resolution?
What equipment does the DIRECTV PROTECTION PLAN cover?

What is DIRECTV On Demand?

DIRECTV On Demand offers you instant access to thousands of titles that you can watch whenever you want. Choose from hot new shows and movies, including the latest blockbusters on DIRECTV CINEMA™. You can browse titles by category, search for them directly or check out specific On Demand channels (1000-1890).

In order to use DIRECTV On Demand, you will need to connect your HD DVR to your home’s broadband Internet.

What Can I Watch in 3D with DIRECTV

For customers with 3D TVs, DIRECTV offers 3net, a channel with 24/7 3D programming that the whole family will love. DIRECTV CINEMA™ also includes select titles available to order in 3D.

What equipment do I need to watch 3D programming?

To watch DIRECTV’s 3D programming, customers need a 3D TV and 3D glasses. The 3D TV must be connected to the HD receiver via an HDMI cable.

Models of Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Sony, Samsung, LG, Sharp and VIZIO 3D televisions are recommended.

Does it cost extra to watch 3D content?

There is no extra charge to watch DIRECTV’s 3D channels. Customers will only need to subscribe to HD service to access the 3D content.

DIRECTV CINEMA™ movies in 3D will cost extra – typically $1 more than the HD version.

Are DIRECTV CINEMA movies available in HD?

Yes.  DIRECTV CINEMA™ movies  are available in impressive 1080P HD, the same high quality 1080p HD as Blu-ray™. Many DIRECTV Pay Per View events are also available to watch in HD. To see if a program is available in HD, simply look for “HD” by the title in your guide.

To watch DIRECTV programming in HD, you need an HD-ready TV, an HD receiver from DIRECTV and Advanced Receiver Service.

What is the DIRECTV Cinema Connection Kit

The DIRECTV Cinema Connection Kit is an adapter for the HD DVR. It lets you stream thousands of movies to the HD DVR via DIRECTV On Demand and DIRECTV Cinema. If you are a huge movie buff then DIRECTV Cinema is a great movie service to consider. DIRECTV Cinema includes a library of hundreds of the newest releases for you to order and watch any time.Aside from the Connection Kit, you need an HD DVR and access to DIRECTV Cinema programming. You can learn more about this by calling today.

What is DIRECTV’s HD and 3D resolution?

Most programming is typically in 1080p. Some programming may be available at a different resolution.

What equipment does the DIRECTV PROTECTION PLAN cover?

DIRECTV’s PROTECTION PLAN includes coverage over all DIRECTV equipment, including receivers, remotes, switches, satellite dishes, and antenna alignment. With the PROTECTION PLAN, customers can also receive upgrades every two years to the latest equipment. Technical support is available 24/7, as well as on-site repairs and replacements of defective equipment. DIRECTV devices and receivers will be replaced or repaired if covered by the PROTECTION PLAN.

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