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DIRECTV Satellite Dish: Delivering Your Entertainment

You’ve picked your DIRECTV package and receiver. You’ve set up your installation appointment. What’s next? Getting and installing your DIRECTV satellite dish.

After you place your DIRECTV order, you won’t have to do anything else to get started. Everything is taken care of during your installation appointment. Learn more about your new satellite TV service, equipment and the installation process. Order today and you’ll be ready to enjoy top-of-the-line television service in no time!

DIRECTV DishHow the DIRECTV Satellite Dish Works

Your DIRECTV satellite dish is what makes satellite TV possible. When you turn on the TV, your TV signals are transmitted from the orbiting DIRECTV satellite down to the dish at your home. The signals are then transmitted to your receiver and you see the picture on TV. Your satellite dish makes this all possible!

Fortunately, DIRECTV also boasts a 99.9% signal reliability rate so you’ll have a worry-free signal when you’re watching TV. Based on a Nationwide Study of representative cities.

Placement of your DIRECTV satellite dish is extremely important. You’ll need a clear view of the southern sky in order to receive your TV signal. When your dish is installed at your home, the installer will make sure yours is pointing in the correct direction in order to receive maximum signal strength.

DIRECTV Installation VanYour DIRECTV Satellite Dish Setup

Worried about your DIRECTV satellite dish setup? No need to be worried – you won’t have to do a thing! When you order a DIRECTV package, you’ll schedule a convenient installation appointment. At that time, a professional installer will bring all the necessary equipment – wires, dish, receivers, remotes – and they’ll get everything set up for you.

Your dish will need to be placed on the roof of your home or on a balcony. The only requirement is a clear view toward the southern sky, and your installer will make sure of that. If you need further arrangements for your dish setup, the installer can take care of that as well for an additional custom installation fee.

To keep everything under control and set up smoothly, professional installation of your dish is required. The complexity of aligning your dish is best left to the professionals.

Your DIRECTV Satellite Dish Makes Entertainment Great

You’re just a phone call and an installation appointment away from excellent entertainment. You’ll love the variety of shows, movies and sports you’ll get with DIRECTV. Call to order now and enjoy all the TV you want, delivered straight to your TV from your satellite dish!

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