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DIRECTV Remotes: Control Your Entertainment

In addition to your television, DIRECTV receiver and satellite dish, there’s one more important part: your DIRECTV remote. This equipment puts you in total control of your television experience. When you order your package, you’ll also choose a type of remote to control your televisions.

For your convenience, you can take your pick of DIRECTV remotes to get exactly what you need. And best of all, you can program your remote to operate all of your television entertainment equipment so you won’t have to use multiple remotes.

The DIRECTV remotes are easy to use and you’ll be a pro at controlling your new TV system in no time! Learn more about the types of remotes and start browsing your DIRECTV channel lineup today!

Genie Remote

DIRECTV Genie Remote

DIRECTV’s super advanced Genie HD DVR receiver even comes with a newly innovated remote control. The Genie Remote controls both Genie HD DVRs and Genie Mini boxes. Choose these receivers, and you can control every TV in your home with the same type of remote, making it even easily for everyone in the family to enjoy their favorite shows, movies and sports.

What makes the Genie Remote so special?

  • The Genie Remote is redesigned to be even smaller than the DIRECTV Universal Remotes. With the new design, the buttons have been reformatted to make using the remote simpler. There are fewer buttons than before so you just have the essentials.
  • It responds much faster when you press a button. No more waiting for the TV to change a channel or lower the volume – press the button and it will instantly happen!
  • Do you like to program your own personal settings for things? The Genie Remote will save your settings so that if you get a new receiver, you won’t have to set everything up again.
  • Since the Genie Remote using infrared and radio frequency technology, it means you won’t even need to point your remote directly at the Genie or Genie Mini receiver. No more struggling to point your remote at an exact spot on the receiver to get it to work.

Don’t have a Genie receiver? You can opt for a DIRECTV Universal Remote instead.


DIRECTV Universal Remotes

DIRECTV offers two types of Universal Remote – one standard, one with radio frequency technology. Here’s what the DIRECTV Universal Remotes can do.

  • Both types of Universal Remote can control up to four pieces of equipment. That includes your DIRECTV receiver, your television and even DVD players and VCRs.
  • The Universal Remotes will save your remote settings. When you need to replace the batteries, you won’t have to reprogram anything.
  • If you choose the RF (radio frequency) remote, the buttons are even backlit so you can easily watch TV in the dark and still see the buttons. The RF remote also allows you to use it without directly pointing it at your receiver.

And with any DIRECTV remote, you’re able to program it to operate all of your television equipment! Put away the other remotes because you won’t need them. Choose DIRECTV today and take control of your TV time in more ways than one!

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