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Enjoy the DIRECTV HD DVR Receiver


Connect your TVs with DIRECTV receivers and enjoy a world of entertainment on your TV. From sports to movies to your favorite TV shows, you’ll see it all thanks to DIRECTV. Check out all the details on DIRECTV receivers and see why they’re the best equipment out there!

How Do DIRECTV Receivers Work?

Wondering how your entertainment actually gets to your TV? It’s simple. Television signals are transmitted via the DIRECTV satellite, then down to the satellite dish at your home. From there, signals are delivered to your DIRECTV receivers.

You’ll need a DIRECTV receiver at each TV in your home where you’ll want to watch your DIRECTV service. When you order, you can choose which types of receivers you’d like. Each has different features and capabilities – go all out with the amazing Genie receiver and do more than ever before!

Installation of Your DIRECTV Receivers

Order your DIRECTV package and you’ll also set up an appointment to have your satellite dish and receivers installed at your home. Because of the complexity of setting up the dish, it’s necessary to have a trained professional set everything up so that you’ll receive maximum signal strength.

During your installation appointment, the installer will connect receivers to your televisions. And best of all – installation in up to four rooms is included at no extra cost.1  Order today and take advantage of this excellent offer!

How to Use Your Receiver

Controlling your DIRECTV receiver is simple. You’ll just need your DIRECTV remote. If you choose an advanced receiver, you’ll have access to so many exciting capabilities, from recording shows to watching in HD. Learn more about the types of DIRECTV receivers available.

Types of Receivers from DIRECTV

Whether it’s basic or super advanced, DIRECTV equipment makes your entertainment experience better than ever before. Check out some of DIRECTV’s receivers and know what to expect when you get your DIRECTV equipment!


DIRECTV’s Genie is the most advanced HD DVR you’ll find anywhere. No other TV provider can offer you an HD DVR like this – you’ll record more, watch more ways and enjoy TV more when you have Genie


The DIRECTV HD DVR isn’t as advanced as Genie, but these receivers allow you to watch and record TV programs in HD.


The DIRECTV TiVo receiver comes with a unique recording system from TiVo.


Not interested in HD programming? The DVR-only receiver allows you to record and watch programming in standard-definition only.


The HD receiver does not allow for recording, but allows you to watch shows in both HD and SD.

Standard Receiver

The standard DIRECTV receiver delivers standard-definition programming to your televisions.

Need more information about any of the DIRECTV receivers? Read on to get all the details about exactly what each receiver does.

directv installationChoose DIRECTV For Your Home Today

See why DIRECTV is a winning choice for your entertainment. Call today to order a package filled with all of your favorite channels, and pick a winning DIRECTV receiver for your home!


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