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DIRECTV equipment: advanced technology for more entertainment features

DIRECTV uses advanced technology to bring you the ultimate entertainment features. With each DIRECTV package, there’s no equipment to buy. You’ll receive all the equipment you need to connect your home’s TVs and compatible devices for up to 4 rooms. From there, you can control how you enjoy your entertainment with convenient features. Call today to order a DIRECTV package and learn more about the equipment you need for an unbeatable viewing experience.

DIRECTV HD Receiver Front

What DIRECTV equipment do I need?

Your satellite service with DIRECTV requires three pieces of equipment: receiver, remote and satellite dish.

DIRECTV receivers

You will need to choose a DIRECTV receiver to record shows and movies. There are several options from standard receivers to different types of HD receivers.


    • DIRECTV Genie HD DVR – DIRECTV’s most advanced HD DVR system. It allows you to connect as many as 8 TVs wireless to a single HD DVR.1 You can also record up to 5 HD shows at once2 and watch live programming on up to 4 TVs. Enjoy an elevated viewing experience with razor sharp image quality and crystal-clear sound when you access 4K programming with Genie.3

Requires one TV connected to a wired Genie HD DVR and a Wireless Genie Mini for each additional TV. Limit 3 remote viewings at a time.

    • DIRECTV HD DVR Receiver – The HD DVR receiver lets you record, pause and rewind shows. Don’t worry if you forgot to press record. You can rewind and watch shows that have aired in the last 72 hours.4

Rewind/Restart features not available on all channels/programs. Internet-connected HD DVR (model HR20 or later) required.


DIRECTV remotes

There are two main TV remote options.

  • Genie remote – Manage your surround sound system along with your audio devices and your DIRECTV Ready TV. Easily save your TV settings and get to other features with the click of a button.
  • Universal remote – Control up to four devices of equipment, including your DVD player, audio devices and TV. And don’t worry about reprogramming your TV remote when you run out of batteries.


DIRECTV satellite dish

You will need a DIRECTV satellite dish to power your entertainment. A professional will be onsite to install your dish that should be mounted with a clear view of the southern sky for optimal satellite signal.

16_NewVAN_M5RProfessional DIRECTV equipment installation

Most DIRECTV packages come with free standard installation.5 Once your order has been processed and a service date has been set, a DIRECTV professional will install up your DIRECTV satellite dish and receivers.

Order DIRECTV today for the ultimate entertainment experience

Upgrade to DIRECTV today and enjoy more of the shows and movies you love. Call for more information on all of DIRECTV’s loaded entertainment packages. With your order, you’ll receive the equipment you need to take your viewing experience to a new level.






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