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Star Trek Beyond now playing on DIRECTV CINEMA®


DIRECTV is your answer to cable


With premium features and quality entertainment packages, the choice is simple. See how DIRECTV stacks up to cable, then call to order DIRECTV for your home today!

DIRECTV gives you more than cable

Nationwide availability NO
DIRECTV has been rated #1 in customer satisfaction over Cable for 18 years running.*

Wirelessly connect up to 8 TVs to one HD DVR2 NO
Exclusive shows and musical performances on Audience® NO

Know the differences between cable and DIRECTV

Cable providers

Cable lines limit where cable companies can provide service. Depending where you live, you may be eligible for Comcast, Cox or other cable providers. If you live in a Time Warner Cable or Bright House serviceable area, your cable TV service will soon fall under Charter‘s Spectrum brand. Most cable providers offer Internet and home phone in addition to their TV service, and may offer packages that bundle multiple services.


With satellite TV, you don’t have to rely on a cable line for service. You can get DIRECTV virtually anywhere with a clear view of the southern sky. This makes getting service and transferring it if you move easy. Entertainment packages include hundreds of channels with the option of adding sports, premium channels and international packages. Convenient bundles with Internet and home phone are also available.

Discover the many reasons to switch to DIRECTV

Why settle for cable when you can get so much more?

Nationwide availability – DIRECTV service is available nationwide, so you can get service now and take it with you when you move.

Sports packages – DIRECTV is the undisputed leader in sports.3 Don’t miss a minute of the action this season. Order today and get in more games.

DIRECTV On Demand – You decide what’s on. Get access to thousands of shows and movies that you can watch anytime.4

Bundling options – Choose from convenient bundle packages and combine programming with high speed Internet and reliable home phone services.

HD and Ultra-HD programming – DIRECTV has over 185 full-time HD channels.5 You can also get channels dedicated to shows, movies and sports broadcasts in 4K.6

Advanced HD DVR – Enjoy the freedom to control how and when you watch TV with the Genie HD DVR. Upgrade to Genie with any package.

Get Entertainment Exclusives

Channels and programming

Enjoy access to shows, special performances and broadcasts you can’t see anywhere else. Tune in to Audience®, a DIRECTV exclusive channel included with every package. It offers original dramas, musical performances, movies and more. And, check out DIRECTV 4K channels for shows, live sports broadcasts and movies in Ultra-HD.

Sports packages

Want more than football? Cable doesn’t come close offering to all the sports action you can get with DIRECTV. Not a football fan? Choose from several sports packages that offer fans everything from regional sports to international cricket. DIRECTV is the best place to be when the season kicks off. Order your DIRECTV package today and be the go-to house for the big game.

Early movie premieres

DIRECTV CINEMA brings many of the biggest blockbusters to your living room.8 In addition to seeing top new releases, you can also get exclusive viewings of select movies before they hit theaters.9 See certain dramas, action movies, animated films and more on DIRECTV before you can watch them anywhere else. Imagine movie nights with your own advance screenings!

Break away from cable. Order DIRECTV!

Order today to upgrade your entertainment and escape cable for good. Enjoy the high-quality programming options, exclusive content and other advantages DIRECTV better than cable and DISH. Special offers make switching even more rewarding – call now to get the best deals!

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