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Watch Fathers and Daughters before it hits theaters

DIRECTV customers can get an exclusive look at Fathers and Daughters before it hits theaters on July 8th, 2016.

The film stars Academy Award winner Russell Crowe, Amanda Seyfried, Aaron Paul, Diane Kruger as well as Academy Award winners Octavia Spencer and Jane Fonda.

From the director of Seven Pounds and The Pursuit of Happyness, Fathers and Daughters tells the story of Pulitzer-winning author Jake Davis (Russell Crowe) who is left raising his 5-year old daughter, Katie, after losing his wife in a car accident. Plagued by guilt, Jake suffers a mental breakdown and must fight to keep his daughter.

The narrative goes back and forth between 1989 and present day as 30-year old Katie (Amanda Seyfried) deals with her own emotional struggles from a turbulent childhood.

The movie is described as “a powerful story of love, loss and the tragedies that bring us together and tear us apart.”

Fathers and Daughters is available for 72 hour rental on DIRECTV CINEMA™, a premium pay-per-view service.[1]




DIRECTV Offers Heist Comedy “The Trust” Before It Hits Theaters

“Bad cops make the best criminals.” At least, that’s according to the poster for the new crime comedy “The Trust,” directed by Alex and Benjamin Brewer. While the film initially premiered at the 2016 SXSW Festival, DIRECTV customers can see it before it hits the big screen.

Starring Academy Award winner Nicholas Cage and Emmy Award Winner Elijah Wood, “The Trust” follows two low-level administrative cops bored with their lives and meager wages. Initially, they make a little extra on the side selling stolen Civil Service Exams to other officers. When Stone (Cage) hears about a heroin dealer who managed to quickly make an exorbitantly high bail, he convinces Waters (Wood) that this is their big chance. The pair pick up a trail that leads them to a mysterious vault hidden in the back of a grocery store which they believe holds their payday. They soon find out, however, that getting out may be harder than getting in.

This dark comedy premieres in theaters on May 13th. DIRECTV customers can see it before then with exclusive access through DIRECTV CINEMA. The film is available for 72-hour rental in either 1080p HD or standard-definition (SD).1 With DIRECTV CINEMA viewers can access tons of new releases as well as thousands of other titles through DIRECTV On Demand.2 Skip the lines at the theater and see “The Trust” first with DIRECTV CINEMA.



Play Ball: DIRECTV Offers MLB Network Games in 4K Ultra HD This Season


DIRECTV, AT&T’s satellite TV service, is bringing the heat this baseball season with a deal to broadcast certain games on the MLB Network in 4K Ultra HD (UHD).1 This is the first time that Major League Baseball games have been broadcast in UHD in the U.S.

The April 15 MLB Network Showcase between the L.A. Dodgers and the San Francisco Giants marked the first 4K game in baseball history. Up to 25 other MLB Network games will be shown in 4K UHD throughout the 2016 regular season on DIRECTV, giving fans a better baseball experience.

4K UHD, the next evolution in HD programming, offers around four times the resolution of 1080p HD for sharper images, vibrant colors and a more realistic picture. AT&T and DIRECTV started offering live 4K sports earlier this year with coverage of Amen Corner from the Masters Tournament in April. This was also the inaugural live event for DIRECTV’s dedicated 4K channel.

With 4K growing in popularity, expect to see even more sports and live events offered in UHD in the future. For now, fans with access to DIRECTV 4K programming can feel like they’re at the ballpark from home and experience America’s pastime like never before.




NFL SUNDAY TICKET Package Launches New Streaming Feature

Customers can now stream all out-of-market games during the 2016-2017 NFL season starting September 11


DIRECTV and the NFL announced big news for football fans across the nation. Exclusive to DIRECTV, NFL SUNDAY TICKET will now offer live streaming for all out-of-market games during the regular 2016-2017 football season. Customers no longer need to upgrade to NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX to stream these games on smartphones, tablets, laptops and other web-enabled devices. Regular season games will continue to be available through the satellite TV service.

“Streaming of NFL SUNDAY TICKET exploded last year— up 35%. This further proves customers want to watch their favorite team wherever they are,” said David Christopher, chief marketing officer, AT&T Entertainment Group. “That will grow more this year, now that every customer can enjoy live games on a second screen or on-the-go without having to pay more.”

NFL SUNDAY TICKET also includes Game Mix and Player Tracker. Game Mix displays up to eight live games on one screen. Its ticker feature provides live updates on game scores, possession and field position. Player Tracker lets fans follow up to 20 of their favorite players to see stats, highlights and keep track of big plays.

Customers can upgrade to NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX for features like RED ZONE CHANNEL® which shows the final yards of every scoring drive. It also comes with DIRECTV FANTASY ZONE™ Channel that lets you track your fantasy football team

Live games on NFL SUNDAY TICKET begin September 11, 2016. For more information, visit directv.com/NFL.



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