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DIRECTV, Joe Buck Team Up for Interview Show

Ever want to hear what your favorite sports legends have to say outside of stale press conferences and out-of-breath postgame interviews?

Then get ready for DIRECTV’s Undeniable with Joe Buck.DIRECTV Undeniable with Joe Buck

The new show, airing this fall on the exclusive AUDIENCE® network, pairs the award-winning sportscaster with current and former sports stars for one-on-one interviews. The list of scheduled guests includes:

  • Troy Aikman, Super Bowl winning quarterback with the Dallas Cowboys
  • Derek Jeter, 14-time All-Star shortstop with the New York Yankees
  • Abby Wambach, two-time Olympic gold medalist in women’s soccer
  • Kelly Slater, 11-time world champion surfer
  • Wayne Gretzky, NHL all-time scoring and assist leader
  • Michael Phelps, 22-time Olympic gold medalist in swimming

Host Joe Buck has garnered his own accolades in sports broadcasting. He has won seven Sports Emmy Awards for Outstanding Sports Personality, Play-By-Play. Buck has been a fixture with FOX Sports for two decades, providing play-by-play commentary on the NFL, Major League Baseball and the PGA Tour.

Undeniable with Joe Buck adds another notable sports commentator to a DIRECTV lineup that includes Dan Patrick and Rich Eisen, each with his own talk show on AUDIENCE® (Channel 239).

Undeniable with Joe Buck is produced by Vince Vaughn’s Wild West Productions, and the actor is among the show’s executive producers.

DIRECTV Dispels Doggy Stereotypes on Television


Imagine, for a moment, that you are walking to the corner store in your neighborhood. You turn the corner and a large Pit bull sits near the entrance of the store. The canine isn’t blocking the entrance and you might be able to just slip by, but you hesitate. You wonder what that dog is thinking or if it even has an owner. You start to think back to all of those news stories you’ve heard about “dangerous dogs” and you start to wonder if you should come back later.

Would you be thinking this way if it were a Golden Retriever sitting by the door to your favorite store? Probably not. When have you ever heard so much as a feature story on a terribly violent attack perpetrated by a Golden Retriever?

The fact of the matter is that there is such a thing out there as dog stereotyping – a misinformed belief in the inherent violence and danger of a breed based on isolated incidents that do not necessarily define the breed as a whole. Worse than that is the way in which television handles and even reinforces the negative stereotyping of certain breeds.

When have you ever seen a show where a Beagle was something to truly be feared? Whether it’s a movie or a show, if they need a “mean, scary dog” they’ll resort to the ones people are already wary of – Rottweilers, Doberman pinschers and Pit bulls. Thus the cycle of dog stereotyping and uninformed fears continues. The truth, however, is that there really isn’t such a thing as a “bad breed” and dogs can have unique personalities the same as any human.

In a new, interactive infographic called As Seen On TV: Bad to the Bone or Misunderstood, you can check out the common stereotypes of each dog type based on what we see on television and in the movies. Then, you’ll get a healthy dose of reality with information on the truth behind each breed coming straight from organizations like the American Kennel Club.


Ultimately, the information is designed to provide a more realistic portrayal of certain breeds we have been conditioned to either love or hate – impressions informed largely by the media. Each section also has a breakdown of information on what anyone should expect if they are looking to adopt a certain breed.

More importantly, this helps to dispel the myths of common dog stereotypes by reminding everyone that bad dogs are not born. There is no such thing as a bad breed. All dogs are unique and have unique needs when it comes to training and attention. Only by understanding the different breeds can anyone truly hope to understand and raise a good dog. There’s even plenty of helpful tips for anyone looking to bring one of these misunderstood dogs into their home.

Check out the full site here for more information on these misunderstood breeds.

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