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Can I Record DIRECTV Programming to a DVD?

The short answer is no, and the reasons behind it are simple.Copy Protection

Let’s say you’re one of the estimated 31 million bloggers in America. If someone appropriated one of your blog posts without getting your approval, offering you compensation or even giving you credit, how would you respond? Would you congratulate this person for being a savvy consumer of online content, or would you strongly suggest that the culprit refrain from hijacking your stuff?

The same principles apply in the world of television content.

Why is Content Protected?

Content creators, along with service providers like DIRECTV, routinely use digital encryption, special software and other measures to prevent unauthorized distribution of programming. The copy protection information contained in satellite and cable signals means that subscribers can record movies and shows to their DVRs but cannot transfer those recordings to other devices.

This strategy helps DIRECTV and other providers continue to be trustworthy partners of the creators that produce your favorite movies and shows. It also protects viewers themselves.

When someone takes things of value without paying for them, they make it harder on the honest people who play by the rules. Shoplifting, for example, very often leads to higher prices.

If you picture a harmless scenario where an electronics whiz tries to hack his way around a “Copy Protection – Cannot Record” error message, think again. Experts believe that in the motion picture industry alone, pirated movies cost the U.S economy billions of dollars and thousands of jobs a year.

Using Your Provider’s DVR Service

The movies, shows, concerts and sporting events on DIRECTV are intended for the enjoyment of subscribers and their families and friends. (With business subscribers, their employees and customers can enjoy the programming too.) DIRECTV offers DVR service so that you can record hours of the programming you want to watch – hundreds of hours, in fact – and watch it at your convenience.

This arrangement works perfectly fine for service providers like DIRECTV and millions of TV viewers. There’s no good reason for unsanctioned copying schemes to get in the middle of it.

Copy Protection: Good for Creators and Consumers

Copy protection helps ensure that responsible consumers like you can reap the benefits of quality entertainment at affordable prices.

For these reasons, DIRECTV will continue supporting content creators in their efforts to protect their artistic labors. As a direct result, the creators will have the freedom to keep creating – which directly benefits you, the viewer.

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