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What equipment does the DIRECTV PROTECTION PLAN cover?

DIRECTV’s PROTECTION PLAN includes coverage over all DIRECTV equipment, including receivers, remotes, switches, satellite dishes, and antenna alignment. With the PROTECTION PLAN, customers can also receive upgrades every two years to the latest equipment. Technical support is available 24/7, as well as on-site repairs and replacements of defective equipment. DIRECTV devices and receivers will be replaced or repaired if covered by the PROTECTION PLAN.


DIRECTV2PC is a DIRECTV application that is installed on your computer. With this application downloaded to your computer, you can:

  • Stream your DVR recordings directly on your PC. You can even watch programs as soon as they begin recording.
  • Watch a recorded show on your PC without interrupting live or recorded shows that are being watched on your television.
  • Use the same pause, rewind and fast forward options you use when watching recordings via your TV and HD DVR.
  • Use your familiar DIRECTV television interface on the PC.

Not Just a TV Service, but a Proponent for Social Responsibility

It’s one thing for a company to provide outstanding service you love. It’s an entirely different thing for the same provider to care about how they provide your service and what they do away from the office.

DIRECTV is one company striving to provide great service in a sustainable manner, while supporting the community. In fact, DIRECTV was included in The Civic 50 of 2013. The Civic 50 measures corporate and social responsibility, including the top 50 most community-minded companies. Companies are evaluated on several organizational and communal components, including a measure of impact made.

And DIRECTV is making an impact.

  • STEM (Science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education is the forefront of DIRECTV’s commitment to K-12 education.
  • DIRECTV awards scholarships of $3000 or more a year to children of employees pursuing post-secondary education.
  • Volunteering is company policy, as employees around the country join together to better the community- volunteering more than 40,000 hours in one year.
  • An employee’s monetary donations never stand alone as DIRECTV offers gift matching; more than $4.2 million were donated to organizations over the last five years.
  • DIRECTV supports disaster relief, at home and abroad, by donating to the American Red Cross whenever there is a need.

They are more than just a TV service provider. DIRECTV is committed to sustainability and corporate citizenship from start to finish. Since 2010, DIRECTV has been an ENERGY STAR partner, working to provide the most sustainable, environmentally friendly products in their class, without sacrificing quality standards.

To date, DIRECTV has deployed 50 million Energy Star receivers, which in turn saved customers $450 million in electricity bills. Not only does this benefit you, but also the environment. DIRECTV is committed to sustainability on all fronts. From the offices and plants to trucks providing service to the receivers in homes across the country. Going green isn’t just a fad for this company; it’s a way of life.

DIRECTV’s social responsibility doesn’t end there though. Over the past year DIRECTV has decreased their greenhouse gas emissions, increased recycling and created a plan to better repurpose old electronics.

DIRECTV’s Sustainability Mission says “Environmental stewardship is an increasingly important aspect of our business. From our corporate offices to our hardware to our van fleet, the actions we take to conserve energy and reduce waste can have an impact on the footprint we create. At DIRECTV, we understand that it’s our responsibility as a global corporate citizen to advocate for and execute significant environmental change.”

All of these steps contribute to a more sustainable company and future for customers.






DIRECTV Offers Customers Around-the-Clock Weather News and Information with WeatherNation TV

DIRECTV offers customers around-the-clock weather updates on WeatherNation TV. Originally founded in March of 2011, WeatherNation was envisioned by CEO Paul Douglas as “a channel devoted to weather, 24/7”. In its nearly two years of existence, the Denver, Colorado based network has not only grown significantly but has managed to stay true to that founding principle.

Available online, on social media platforms like Facebook and now on DIRECTV Channel 362, WeatherNation TV has sought to provide a live, news-based alternative to “weathertainment”. WeatherNation has “[n]o documentaries, specials or movies,” and instead offers “cutting edge graphics, a heavy emphasis on social media, and a staff of degreed meteorologists,” according to Douglas.

Customers can enjoy interactive features like:

  • WeatherNation.com with localized radar and maps, on-air live stream and a blog
  • Live Twitter feed with weather updates
  • Mobile app that saves favorite locations and even syncs calendars to check the weather
  • Facebook page with live 24/7 stream, video clips and user interaction

WeatherNation TV’s goal, Douglas says, is to “use the latest 2-D and 3-D tools to tell the weather story, around the clock”. In order to tell that story, WeatherNation TV features a team of exceptional on-air and behind-the-scenes meteorologists, “most of whom have their Certified Broadcast Meteorologist seals”.

Broadcast in both HD and SD, WeatherNation TV hopes to utilize their innovative forecasting technology and all-meteorologist staff to help viewers truly understand national, regional and local weather conditions. WeatherNation TV believes that as severe weather episodes continue to increase in the coming years, viewers will place a premium on real weather information, 24/7.

In addition to WeatherNation, DIRECTV continues to offer weather coverage from local ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX affiliates as well as CNN. Customers, however, can now tune in to Channel 362 anytime, day or night, for complete weather coverage from WeatherNation TV.

Whether it’s just to check the temperature or to keep track of dangerous storms, DIRECTV and WeatherNation seek to provide viewers with “real weather, pure and simple”.






What do I need in order to use DIRECTV2PC?

To use DIRECTV2PC, you will need the following:TV and Internet

  • A broadband Internet connected HD DVR receiver (model HR20 or later). You can check to see if your receiver is connected by pressing the DASH button on your remote.
  • A PC computer that is connected to the same broadband network as your HD DVR and meets these minimum system recommendations: Dual core CPU, 512 MB Ram, 256 MB Graphics, and Windows XP with Service Pack 2.
  • The DIRECTV2PC application installed on your computer.

What is DIRECTV On Demand?

DIRECTV On Demand offers you instant access to thousands of titles that you can watch whenever you want. Choose from hot new shows and movies, including the latest blockbusters on DIRECTV CINEMA™. You can browse titles by category, search for them directly or check out specific On Demand channels (1000-1890).

In order to use DIRECTV On Demand, you will need to connect your HD DVR to your home’s broadband Internet.

Is there a difference between a TiVo DVR and a DIRECTV DVR?

With a TiVo DVR or DIRECTV DVR, you’ll be able to record, pause and rewind live TV. The Tivo DVR comes with TiVo-exclusive features such as Swivel™ Search and WishLists®.

The DIRECTV DVR has many more advanced features that aren’t available with a TiVo DVR, including:

  • More recording capacity with a DIRECTV DVR.
  • Simple recording of either one episode or an entire season of a show with just the press of a button.
  • Bookmarks to easily find spots in a program.
  • DIRECTV Active for local weather, horoscopes and more.

Also note: The TiVo DVR is not compatible with DIRECTV’s Whole-Home DVR service.

Are DIRECTV CINEMA™ movies and Pay Per View events available in HD?

Yes.  DIRECTV CINEMA™ movies  are available in impressive 1080P HD, the same high quality 1080p HD as Blu-ray™. Many DIRECTV Pay Per View events are also available to watch in HD. To see if a program is available in HD, simply look for “HD” by the title in your guide.

To watch DIRECTV programming in HD, you need an HD-ready TV, an HD receiver from DIRECTV and Advanced Receiver Service.

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