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Introducing the Genie™!

DIRECTV offers more full-time high-definition channels than any of its cable and satellite competitors. And now, you can enjoy those channels more fully than ever, thanks to the all-new Genie™! Watch your favorite TV shows, movies and sporting events when you want with this amazing HD DVR. With just one compact device, even the youngest member of your household can record, play, pause, rewind and fast-forward programming in any room of your house. 1  Record up to five shows at once, and save more of them than you ever could before. The Genie™ has three times the recording capacity of cable. This amazing new HD DVR feature offers just another example why DIRECTV is America’s favorite satellite TV service. More than 30 million customers strong. Watch programming on any number of DIRECTV’s 195-plus full-time HD channels whenever you’re ready to, whether it’s at the end of the long day of work, during a sleepless night with the baby or in the middle of a cozy, rainy Saturday afternoon. Some HD channels include:

Genie Receiver Angled

And over 150 more. HD broadcasts are also available from your favorite premium movie channels, including HBO®, STARZ®, Cinemax® and Showtime®, so you can watch blockbuster movies along with original programming in vivid high-definition.

A home theater in every room

With Genie, start watching a movie on your couch and finish the final few scenes from the comfort of your bed. Or, knock out household chores while catching up on your TV library. Do laundry to a laugh track. Take dinner tips from the Food Network while prepping lasagna in the kitchen. Parents will also appreciate the control options that an HD DVR provides. Now you can set separate controls for each TV, making it easy to keep your kids from encountering mature content. Call today to choose your DIRECTV package!


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