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Are you sick of missing your favorite shows because you aren’t home when they’re on? Or you can’t choose which show to watch when two of your favorites are on? Don’t pick and choose or miss out ever again – get a DIRECTV DVR and record programs instead of missing anything!

What Does the DIRECTV DVR Receiver Do?

Having a DIRECTV DVR allows you to watch more of the shows and movies you love. With the ability to record programs, you won’t have to worry about missing a thing. DIRECTV DVR Receiver Features This receiver doesn’t have any HD capabilities, but it does open up a whole new television watching experience for you and your family. Here’s what you’ll be able to do with the basic DVR from DIRECTV.

  • You can record any shows you like! If a program airs on a channel included in your package, you can set a timer to record it. You can play back your recordings any time you’re ready to watch.
  • Using your remote, you can pause and rewind live TV! Miss something? Back it up a few seconds to get a replay. Need to get up in the middle of a show? Pause it and you won’t miss anything.
  • Don’t want to miss any episodes of a specific show? Save yourself the need for reminders and set your DVR one time to record every episode with Series Link.
  • Using the DIRECTV Phone App, you can set your DVR to record programs even when you aren’t at home!
  • With a DIRECTV DVR, you’ll gain access to On Demand programming. You’ll have thousands of titles ready to watch whenever you want!

Upgrade to the DIRECTV Whole-Home DVR for even more functionality! With the right model of DIRECTV DVR, you’ll be able to record and watch in any room. Enjoy watching your recordings when and where you want!

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Or, Get A More Advanced DIRECTV Receiver

If you want to do even more with your receiver, call today to learn more about your other equipment choices. To watch and record in HD, too, check out an HD DVR Receiver from DIRECTV. And to record even more programming, check out DIRECTV’s amazing Genie HD DVR. Choose DIRECTV today and bring home excellent entertainment, unbeatable technology and even better TV equipment. Call now to order your package and receiver and get started with DIRECTV!

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