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DIRECTV Equipment: Delivering Top Entertainment

In order to receive your DIRECTV programming, you’ll need some DIRECTV equipment set up in your home. When you order your package, you’ll also choose your DIRECTV receivers. You can choose a basic receiver or the most advanced option – get the equipment that best fits your needs. Learn more about your options for DIRECTV equipment and how it works, then get on the phone to order!

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What DIRECTV Equipment Do You Need?

In addition to your TV, your satellite TV service requires three pieces of DIRECTV equipment. All of these come with your package, and in some cases, you’ll be able to pick out what type of equipment you want.


How Does DIRECTV Equipment Work?

Your entertainment is delivered from the DIRECTV’s satellite in the sky to your satellite dish to your receiver to your TV. Without all of these parts, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy DIRECTV service. Check out some details about these pieces of hardware and how they make watching TV possible.


DIRECTV Receivers:

DIRECTV offers a few types of receivers so you can find one that does exactly what you need. Your options range from standard receivers to HD receivers to DVRs to super advanced HD DVRs. Want to record shows and movies? Choose a DVR receiver. Want to watch on multiple TVs at once to keep your family happy? Order a Genie HD DVR and Genie Minis for your additional TVs to watch television throughout the house.

Learn more about the different types of receivers, including the advanced Genie HD DVR, and order the DIRECTV equipment that best suits your entertainment preferences!


DIRECTV Remotes:

Your DIRECTV remote is your doorway to top entertainment. You’ll use your DIRECTV remote to control your TV, order movies and more. Choose a standard remote or a more advanced remote.


DIRECTV Satellite dish:

Your satellite dish needs to be mounted with a clear view of the southern sky for optimal satellite signal. When the dish receives signals from the satellite, it then transmits them to your receiver which displays the entertainment on your TV.

DIRECTV Installer Van

DIRECTV Equipment Installation

Not as tech-savvy as you’d like to be? No problem. Setting up your own equipment is not a task you’ll have to undertake. DIRECTV packages come with free standard installation so you can trust a professional to take care of setting up your DIRECTV satellite dish and receivers.1

Your installer will come to your home during your appointment time. They’ll bring your DIRECTV equipment, set up your receivers in up to four rooms, program your remote and show you how to use it, and mount your satellite dish. Installation is a breeze with DIRECTV!

Call Today To Get Your DIRECTV Equipment and Package

It just takes one simple phone call to start your new entertainment experience! Call now and pick out the package filled with the channels you love to watch, then choose the receiver that will deliver those channels to your TV. Get DIRECTV equipment that will fit your every entertainment need, whether you want a standard receiver, a DVR or an advanced HD DVR.

Let your DIRECTV equipment take TV to an all new level. Start enjoying top TV from America’s #1 satellite TV service today – just call now to order!


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